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Which One to Choose - Paint or Powder Coating for Steel Fabrications?

Updated: Mar 15

In current years powder coating has earned a lot of popularity pertaining to metal fabrication.

Some differences in powder and paint coating:

In brief, powder coating is a kind of coating that’s used to cover up the metal. Before 1960, a vast chunk of metals was completed with paint. This helps cover the metal from tarnish induced by salt, water, and ultraviolet light. While this method of metal painting suited its purpose, researchers shortly found that powder coating demonstrated to be the greatest finishing technique to its liquid-based precursor. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect painting design for structural steel fabrications and galvanized steel fabrication is a daunting task. Paint tends to erode quickly, so it is ideal to use powder instead. For steel fabrication, it has been witnessed that Powder Coating functions satisfactorily.

Here are the top 5 powder coating advantages

Compared to the paint-based layer practices, powder coating has some special benefits.

1. Durability-

Once the metal is powder-coated, there is almost no need for additional preventive care. This drives the procedure economically profitable for consumers and companies alike. After an exterior of powder smudged, it’s extremely immune to chipping, fading, and scoring. The surface’s pigment also stays radiant and stays longer than other kinds of coatings.

Powder Coated Metal

2. Lessened Hazards to Your Health-

Due to the attribute that powders lack a solvent, there’s a massive drop in health hazards to the throat, skin, nose, and mouth that are more familiar with liquid paint. The powder can be easily removed when in touch with a body, unlike paint which tends to stick. With just soap water, you can remove the powder.

3. Quicker Processing, unlike paint-

Liquid paint coats need more time and numerous other measures than powder coating. That’s because powder coating doesn’t need a solvent, and thus, the requirement for a flash-off period is eliminated. Once powder coating is spread to a surface, it can be put directly into the oven. The ending outcome is a less necessary area and a remarkably faster processing time.

4. The Process is more hygienic, but painting can be messy-

Applying wet paint to a metal surface can be problematic and muddy. When powder finishes are applied, the spray can be brushed down and cleaned in no time. One just needs to squeeze it. If powder finishes up beyond the booth, it’s readily swept up with an industrial suction machine.

5. Environmentally Right-

Paint-based fluid finishes hold huge quantities of flammable organic mixes, also called VOCs. These pollutants can be very harmful, and when discharged into the environment, they need expensive pollution management tools to clean up.

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