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Which is the best metal for outdoor railings?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Best Metal for Outdoor Railings

Your outdoor railings do more than merely offering support and protection. They make the building or the spot look more visually appealing, survive the rough weather, compliment the building’s façade and stay good-looking with minimal maintenance. All these factors make the selection of railing material a crucial decision. With so many options to choose from, an individual is expected to get confused and bluffed by some frauds. Compromise with the railing metal means compromise with your safety. Investment in outdoor railing is a one-time investment. Make sure you make the right decision as it doesn’t need a replacement for decades.

If you are indecisive about what metal to go with for the building’s outdoor railing, then these pointers might solve your problem. Here are the materials with their pros and cons lined for you. This will put your mind to rest and you will be able to make an informed decision.


This is the most common metal. Almost 80% of the infrastructure around uses steel in their railings. And why shouldn’t they? It is a strong material, includes 0 maintenance cost, and doesn’t require painting after installation. Steel bars are known for their flexibility which means they can be customized into any shape and design. The only con it has is that it is very expensive compared to other metals in the market that too are used to fabricate the railing.


It is a strong, lightweight, and affordable material. This shining metal gives a modern look to the place where it is installed. Usually, aluminum rods are powder coated that imparts an attractive look to the railing. The aluminum rods are resistant to dust. They do not swell or crack open when exposed to heat. The disadvantage of using this metal is that it tends to corrode and discolor due to oxidation in presence of salt-laden air. This is the reason railings of aluminum are a bad idea for coastal areas.

Cast iron

If you are thinking to give an ornate look to the railing, then iron or cast iron would be the best metal choice. They can later be painted with rich colors like gold and silver to give a luxurious look. The major setback of using iron is that one has to coat them with paint on a timely basis to avoid rusting.


You can call the wood natural metal. It is a perfect choice for the outer railing when one is going for a rustic look. A wood railing can fit into a variety of palettes. A disadvantage of using wood for outer railing is that its quality deteriorates with time as they exposed to sunlight, rainfall, and other natural factors.


Break free from the traditional metal railings. Give your outers a royal touch using glass railings. They not only give a modern and high-end look but also work as windbreakers. As much royal as it feels, glass asks for a lot of cleaning as well.

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