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Should you consider Iron or Wood for interior railings?

Updated: Mar 3

Spiral Staircase White Stairs with Railings

Railings contribute to the overall beauty of a house. This opinion is shared by not only the architects and designers but even many homeowners as well. They will agree that whether a railing is installed outside or indoors, it truly adds to the beauty and value of a home. Railings can complement. However, with the various styles of the house in existence today, homeowners need to consider which railings would suit their home's overall theme.

Do you prefer Wood for interior railings? Here is something for your information

Why are cheap metals always not the best option for steel fabrication?

For homes that are made mostly from wood, railings of the same material will look wonderful. Additionally, any woodwork installed whether indoor or outdoor should somehow have a complimentary design as that of the home's architecture. The most preferred material remains to be wood. The trend today, though, is more on curves, unlike the traditional straight lines. If you choose to use wood, a little research won't hurt. Doing so will help you decide which type will be best to use. Poplar wood may have a lifespan of only nine months. Pinewood can last longer from five to 10 years but if you go for the red cedar wood, redwood, or mahogany, your railings can stay with you for as long as 20 to even 40 years without staining.

Iron for interior railings

Railings add beauty to the inside of your home especially when you use them for your interior railings. The iron railing had been an all-time favourite for the last many centuries. Iron can add charm and elegance to the inside of any home whether your home is contemporary, Victorian traditional, or classic, and with its warm look and style you can't go wrong because of its curvatures and modern railing designs. Iron railings offer so much more stability and longevity than other materials in the market.

Advancement in technology in welding brought changes in the ways iron was used in railings. Not only it had become feasible now to join iron rods through welding, but it also reduced the price and weight without any reduction in its intensity. Repair of iron rods also became much easier. The basic material is the same but now the shape can be changed to have a new look with not much maintenance. You will find that designers like working with Iron because of the range of freedom they can get from using Iron. There are quite a few options available when you use Iron and it is also very reasonably priced. 

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