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Know the complete steel fabrication process!

Updated: Feb 14

Steel Fabrication Process

The steel fabrication technology is constantly evolving, with advancements occurring across a variety of fabrication processes. Plasma cutting and robotic machinery, for example, increase productivity in the fabrication industry by producing parts with greater accuracy and quality. So, take a look below, to learn more about the steel fabrication process in depth.


The client can make the ideation stage as creative or as conventional as they want. You have the freedom to order unique pieces specific to your project when you work with a fabricator who specializes in custom structural steel solutions. A premium metal fabricators Brooklyn can meet your specific requirements whether you need beautiful, hand-made decorative rails or simple caged stairways.

Design of blueprints/drawings!

The vendor will listen to you and create blueprints using specialized engineering software during the ideation phase. Examine the blueprints provided by your vendor to ensure that the requirements, code compliance, and specifications are correct.

Blueprints will be turned into shop drawings!

For the order to be completed, your vendor will convert project blueprints into shop drawings. Your project's logistics, such as deadlines and budget, will be adhered to in the shop drawings and plans. The blueprints are translated into shop drawings by the manufacturer.

Steel beams must be cut and drilled!

Special tools, such as saws, shears, lasers, punches, notches, and plasmas, will be used by the vendor to cut and drill the steel beams under the project building plans. This cutting-edge method creates improved levels in a shorter amount of time.

Engraving in pieces!

Each piece will be engraved with a unique product code and plate position by your supplier. This allows for quick, easy, and accurate final assembly on-site, avoiding costly mix-ups and project delays.

Arrangement of components!

The team will weld and assemble the pieces after your vendor has finished cutting and forming the components of your project. The fabrication team will double-check that all of the pieces fit together properly and that the order specifications are met at this point.

Machining of custom parts!

At this point, if you request custom metal fabrication Brooklyn, your vendor will create custom parts for you. When you need components to fit a specific structure or product, custom parts are ideal. If standard shapes or sizes aren't functional or aesthetically pleasing for your project, custom part machining may be required.

Complete Construction!

If possible, your vendor will complete a full assembly of your project. Partial assembly may be applicable in some cases. Complete assembly ensures that all order components are present and functional. Changes at this stage are uncommon and usually occur as a result of an error in a previous step.

Preparation for Shipping!

Following a successful complete assembly, the team will disassemble the project and prepare components for either finishing or prompt shipping. Your vendor should do this quickly and efficiently, packing the components in such a way that project assembly at the job site is simple.

Finished Components!

If you specify a specific paint, powder coat, sandblasting, or other finish, your vendor will apply it last. To comply with federal regulations and compliance codes, industrial assemblies frequently require a specific finish. Your supplier could perhaps have the most up-to-date technology to apply the finish of your choice with convenience and dexterity.

The initiative has arrived at the scene!

Your project is finished at this point. Having a good vendor will adhere to the terms of your originally agreed shipment agreement, delivering your finished, dismantled parts to your project location. To ensure that your project arrives on time, request tracking information.

Development of the research assignment!

Your construction crew erects the final project once the components arrive. With prefabricated components that fit together with minimal labor, your vendor will have made assembly a breeze.

Brooklyn Steel Work can quickly and effectively provide you with high-quality goods that are custom-made to your specifications and are long-lasting and hardwearing.

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