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Importance of Shot Blasting to Improve Metal Work!

Updated: Mar 17

Essentially, shot blasting is a method of polishing, cleaning, and strengthening metal that is widely used in the metal industry. Shot blasting is the process of propelling a shot towards a target surface using the acceleration created by a turbine. Take a look at the information below to learn more about shot blasting and its importance in the metalworking industry.

What exactly is shot blasting?

Shot blasting is an important part of preparing materials for use or further manufacturing processes. It entails the application of metal shot to the material of choice – most commonly metals. Shot blasting is used in almost every industry that uses metals or hard substances, and it can help improve the material's aesthetics, qualities, and toughness. Using shot blasting removes any unwanted elements from the material of choice. The task requires a highly skilled team that understands the risks involved, how to minimize waste, and ensure the highest level of effectiveness possible. Shot blasting is the process of propelling a high-quality abrasive against a material at high velocity. These tiny elements abrade or strip the material's top layer, trying to remove imperfections, rust, and cosmetic damage, as well as dirt, and fully preparing it for use or further treatments.

Here are ways how shot blasting can enhance the quality and resilience of metalwork:

Surface defects and flaws can be effectively repaired and restored with shot blasting. The impacts smooth out the surface and close many of the cracks and micro-tears that can negatively affect it. The metal will be more flexible, durable, and strong, as well as more resistant to corrosion and heat, once the flaws are identified and repaired. Please keep in mind that shot blasting isn't recommended for metalwork that will be subjected to non-destructive testing (NDT), as it can cover up and mask the damage that NDT is supposed to detect!

Metal Reinforcement:

Since metal must be as strong as possible, shot blasting can help to increase strength while reducing ductility. Shot peening, or the process of using shot blasting to improve the physical properties of metal, is a cold working technique that manipulates metal at room temperature by exposing it to high-velocity particulate shots. Shot peening, when blasted over the metal's surface, can help strengthen the workpiece significantly. This is true for both restoration pieces and new fabrications, which all benefit from increased strength and durability.

Metal Polishing:

Metal Polishing

Shot blasting is a good way to polish metal before applying a finishing coat, or to achieve a nice shine even if you don't have one (e.g. stainless steel railings). The shot impacts assist in a variety of ways, including removing surface scratches, blending tool marks, and creating a uniform appearance across the metal. Shot blasting is typically used after grit blasting, which is a process for removing old paint residues, rust, and grime from a surface.

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