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How to Protect Metal Railings from corrosion?

Updated: Feb 14

Protect Metal Railings from Corrosion

Metals are one of the sturdiest components that we have around. The parts made of metal have it all, high tensile strength, high compressive strength, and the ability to shape them the way we want to. Metals are used in almost everything, from building the foundation of the house to making the fencing or the railings that guard our house. The metal that is used in the foundation and areas inside the house is protected against all sorts of weathering by the concrete that covers it from all sides. In the case of the mind that is used for railings and fencing the story is not the same. The metal is exposed to the most brutal weather conditions from Sun to Snow, from rains to completely dry days, which results in decreasing the strength and life of the metal. The biggest issue though is that of rusting, Metal rails face the threat of rusting due to high moisture in the air. So, how to protect metal railings from corrosion, here are a few points we can look up to.


It is very important that when you make a metal railing and the structure is placed and finished the same is first coated with a layer or two of zinc or red oxide. This coating has to be applied to the metal railings after making sure that the surface of the metal railings is first scrubbed with sandpaper. This is to make sure that all the impurities, like dirt, embedded rust on the surface can be cleaned off. Apply then on the fresh surface the coat of zinc and red oxide. This coating will protect the metal from oxidizing which eventually will lead to hampering the process of corrosion.


Paint not only makes the metallic parts look aesthetically pleasing but also, acts as a barrier between the environment and the metal. Paints are the first layer in contact with the environment and protect both the zinc or primer coating and the metal from any erosion. Therefore, it becomes really important to select a paint that is waterproof at first. In that way, water will not be able to settle on the paint, and hence will not be also able to penetrate the surface to result in rust.

3. Maintenance:

The third aspect that is very necessary to make sure that there is no rust even after considering the above two points is maintenance. Keep a check on the paint that you have done on the railing. With time, it is both that some paint might peel off due to aging or erode off due to accidental touches. When this happens a part of metal, though small gets exposed to the humid conditions around, and this may lead to internal rusting. On the outside, the railings may look beautiful, but the metal inside will fall weak and start to tarnish.

So, these are a few points that everyone should consider in case you wish to protect your metal railings from corrosion. The fundamental is pretty simple; all you need to do is to make sure that no water or moisture touches the bare body of the metal. Till the time the metal is kept aloof from the moisture till that time, there will be no rusting.

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