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How to Guarantee Quality Results from Your Welding & Metal Fabrication Contractor

Updated: Jan 4

How to Get Quality Results in Welding & Metal Fabrication Work?

Welding is one of the most important things when it comes to fabricating parts. Welding is not just a simple process of joining two metallic parts together, it is rather a very scientific technique. Welding and the joints of welding are the ones that hold the structure together making sure it doesn’t lose its integrity when the load is applied to it. Minor defects in the welding can lead to catastrophic outcomes. A small crack or an air hole is sufficient enough to make the whole structure collapse. Extreme quality checks are very important to make sure that the welding is safe and can sustain the load that it has been done for. In most cases, welding is outsourced, as there are very less people who can do welding as required. So, how to guarantee quality results from your welding and metal fabrication contractor? Here is how you can be sure that the welding is perfect:


Welding is a complex process. Doing welding o metals is not hard, but the difficult part is to maintain the strength of welding throughout the structure. If you wish to have your structure properly welded, then make sure that you have an experienced certified welder. Welding certificates have grades from Level 1 to Level 3. Level1 is the entry-level certification from the welders, and these welders can easily perform small welding tasks, while level 3 is the certification all the experienced welders will have. A level 3 welder will not only have the experience of welding but will also know what are the various quality points and, checks that he needs to control. To be sure that all your welders have a genuine certificate, make sure that the certification exams are witnessed by CSWIP approved examiners only.

2.Quality Checks:

Quality should be your priority. Whenever you outsource your welding to a fabrication contractor, make sure that you have explained to the contractor every quality aspect of the welding that you are expecting. The welding, when it comes from the contractor should have no cracks or bubbles on any joint. In case the welding is electric arc welding make sure that there is no carbon deposit in the weld joints. These can be easily observed by looking for any blacks on the shiny welded area. Minor defects like these in welding are difficult to identify, but if not identified initially while the structure is being fabricated can lead to greater concerns later.


Make sure that the steel fabricators Brooklyn have a proper SOP which he follows for the welding processes. Welding is of many types, each type of welding has a different standard operating procedure. TIG welding used on thin aluminum sheets has a completely different process than the MIG welding used for Steel welding. Also, the skill set of the welder should be diverse so that the welder can handle all the operations on different welding with consistency.

Metallic structures are very heavy, and apart from a load of their weight they also have to carry the weight of the structure that they might be supporting. Welding here becomes very important. Even one small fracture in the welding can destroy the whole structure. Therefore, a good welder and a vigilant quality inspector are the most important people to make sure that the weld lasts for the objective it has to fulfill.

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