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5 most common metals used for fabricating railings and handrails!

Updated: Feb 14

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Metal, in one form or another, plays an essential role in the construction and fitting out of commercial facilities, from structural and strengthening to the interior, aesthetic safety elements. Guardrails and railings are a prime example of how, with the appropriate design and material, they can dramatically alter the appearance and feel of a home's exterior. Whereas spindles and banisters were nearly all made of wood a few years ago, they are now more likely to be made of stainless steel, mild steel, and a variety of other materials. It can also be made from a combination of such materials.

The overall architecture of the property, whether classic or modern, as well as the railings' resilience to exterior weather conditions, all play an important part in determining the best material for the handrail layout. So, have a peek below to learn more about the metals utilized in manufacturing today.

Steel Galvanised

Unprotected steels are vulnerable to moisture, either internally from moisture-laden air or externally from the weather. Although painting can assist to keep a lot of the dampness out, galvanizing all internal and outdoor steelwork, such as walkways, stairs, and handrails, will give years of support. The color of standard galvanized steel can range from silver to grey. While galvanized steel may be painted, it necessitates the use of acid preparations before painting, raising the overall production cost of the finished item.

Stainless steel!

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Stainless steel tube checks all the boxes if you want strength with a modern, beautiful finish, either inside or externally. However more costly than steel specimens, its exceptional corrosion resistance reduces long-term repair and maintenance costs. Stainless steel may be shaped into a variety of shapes and forms, then installed on stonework, concrete block, cement, wood, or other metals to create the desired current, modern aesthetic.


The most significant advantage of aluminum is it’s extremely lightweight. Whereas the lightweight aluminum makes it easier to handle and use, it is also a softer metal than other metals, making it more susceptible to nicks and cuts. To compensate for the material's lower strength when used for handrails and safety railings, a higher number of uprights are necessary. Since bare aluminum is corrosion resistant, the oxidation layer will turn white and pit with time. To counteract this, the object can be anodized or powder treated, or solution coated in a variety of appealing colors utilizing contemporary paint techniques.

Mild Steel!

When it comes to guarding rails and handrails, mild steel is the most affordable alternative. The material prices are modest, and the simplicity with which it can be worked makes the construction element highly cost-effective, depending on the intricacy of the needed design, of course. Many architects use carbon steel for its improved strength and longevity in high-use situations. While mild steel rails, handrails, and guards are normally powder coated or spray painted before construction, they are nevertheless vulnerable to rust and require frequent monitoring and testing to stay in good condition, particularly if exposed to the weather.


Brass railings, handrails, and fixtures are still used in some projects, even if they are not as popular as they were a few years ago. Rural places retain brass footrests and guardrails, as well as animal brasses swinging from twisted nails, with their wood painted and varnished lounge bars and snugs. In current commercial architecture, brass fittings are frequently utilized in conjunction with steel material, glass, and wiring stringers.

Brooklyn Steelwork has been offering consumers suitable solutions for a long time and can easily assist you in making the most of your next project. Working with them will be an easy and trustworthy alternative because of their high-quality manufacturing and excellent customer service.

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