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5 most common metals used for decorative and ornamental work

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Common Metals for Decorative and Ornamental Work

There are so many metals that are used for decorative and ornamental work and these are used for their beneficial properties. They give a unique and amazing look and they are widely used in such work processes. Here in this guide, we have mentioned 5 most common metals. You can check the details below:


This is commonly used metal. Many historic landmarks and metal structure are fabricated using this metal. From anchor chains, railing to gates, this metal is used in many commercial and residential buildings.

If we talk about ornamental, decorative work or home/office construction, mild steel and alloy steel are used for so many purposes. Mild steel is commonly used in hinges and screws. This easily worked, but this is prone to corrosion, but other options are also available. Alloy steel is used in saws, chisels and springs. They are quite hard and used in ornamental work too.

Stainless steel:

Whether it is about car, kitchen or any decoration work, stainless steel is the popular choice. It does not rust or stain and that is the top reason to choose it. This alloy is the combination of steel with chromium and nickel. Its non-rusting qualities, lustre and beauty makes it appropriate metal for staircase, decorative hardware, railings and more.


This was used in architecture for decorative work for the first time as it can easily be hammered and polished. It was used to add decorative features like elevator doors, entrances, window spandrels and ornamental trim in buildings. Its other architectural uses included paneling, gutters, roofing and other ornamental work. Today, this metal is also used to serve many decorative, architectural and ornamental functions. Many designers use aluminium sheets that are available in many designs and different thickness.

If we talk about Aluminum alloy, this is used in kettles and frames. This alloy is the combination of magnesium, manganese, copper and Aluminum. This is hard and durable and used in decorative work too.


This is used in screws, ornamental work and decorative work too. This alloy is combination of copper and zinc. It is basically used as base material for jewelry and decorative metal ornaments. Some common usage of brass also include furnishing hardware, brass statues, door knockers and more.


This metal is used in roof covering and flashing. This is used in decorative and ornamental work as this is resistant to rust. It easily works and offers beauty and finishing that is actually required in decorative or ornamental work. This is used for both industrial art and decorative work due to so many reasons including its durability, workability and strength. It can be easily hammered into any shape. It can be used in clocks, kitchen utensils, grilles, screens, lighting fixtures, display pedestals, vases, table ornaments, hardware and more.

These ornamental metals are used in both decorative and structural purposes. All these metals have great properties that make them suitable for such work and applications.

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